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Ürün Sarigül

Ürün Sarigül

Director, writer

I am a writer and filmmaker based in Berlin. Since escaping into other worlds and not dealing with reality is one of my favorite things to do, film has always played a great part in my life. I started writing poems and scripts when I was a kid and since then I've gotten a little better at it. In my teens, I wrote and directed some highly low-budget horror films and still am very fond of all things gory. After a few published poems, some ultra-cool jobs in retail and a few years as a music teacher, I studied screenwriting at filmArche Berlin. I wrote several scripts for short films, developed, co-produced and wrote for a web-series as my graduation film project and freelanced on a true-crime series in script development. I love cross-genre writing, a mix between 60s Drama-Kitsch and Horror, for instance. I'm interested in female-focused stories, messed-up characters and the bittersweet comedy of life. Also, gallons of blood, but those are not mandatory. As for current projects, I am working on a script for a fantasy western, set in the streets of Berlin, as well as a drama series about a Turkish guest worker family in the 70s, because

transgenerational trauma has to pay off somehow. I wrote and produced the horror short 'Ambrosia' which will have its premiere in the fall of 2023.

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