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Astrid Clave

Astrid Clave


In the late 90s Astrid Clave attended High School in Cologne and California and completed her Bachelor in Film studies at UEL in London.

After a long career in the visual arts, creating stories for Operas, Fashion Shows, Theatre plays and Club nights all over Europe, Astrid directed music videos and her own documentary «Hanyu Heroes» set in China, which was financed by the German Ministry of Culture. She also DJed and VJed for many years and wrote for various cultural magazines such as DE: Bug, Boilermag and Africa’s Gateway. Today she’s a part-time editor for Tonspion.


In mid-2000 she attended the Berlinale Talent Campus in Cape Town where her story pitch was considered most promising in the writer‘s room. Starting out as a video-and film editor, this triggered her courage to pursue storytelling as a career. While running a Beijing Based video production company, her Screenplay Gang of Four, an animation, was born from an intense animal rescue experience.


Her short film «Zink Runner» reached the finals at «99Fire Films» in Berlin. She won the 3rd prize at the New German Pitch Award in Berlin. «The Last Dance» also made the last round at 99Kisses, at the London Screenwriters Competition.


After completing her Master‘s Degree in Screenwriting at the University of the Arts in London, she worked as a script reader and had writing gigs for TV shows (Filmpool, various YouTube productions and Cool GmbH). In 2015 Astrid completed her writing gig BIKEATHON with film producer Jan Fantl. During a Story Pitch session in London, she caught the interest of former Paramount Producer Luke Ryan, Cabin in the woods.


Her psychological thriller debut «You don‘t Know me» shot up to the German Amazon bestseller list. Orion Books UK considered the author to have a strong voice. In 2019, her first children’s book «Leon, die tierische Rap Legende» was published. «SAMJA», a Screenplay based on a true story set in Berlin’s Underworld was a screenwriting and story developing gig. Pre-Covid it was green-lit by Constantin MOOVIE (Jan Ehlert) and Netflix (Kai Finke). It was later on dismissed by Netflix as the theme felt suddenly too dark for Covid times. Constantin Moovie still plans to pursue the production In House. «3Heartbeats» is a moving drama/thriller screenplay about a young troubled mother who hits the road as a first-time trucker. It just made the Quarterfinals at Hollywood’s «The Script lab» competition and won the VGWORT scholarship to turn «3Heartbeats» into a German novel.

Currently also in development is «Occupante» a catchy thriller set in Mallorca.


Astrid is highly experienced working in writer collaborations. Her strength is to knock out intriguing story ideas, develop and write character driven scripts with strong authentic voices.

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