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Dilan GeZaza

Dilan GeZaza

Writer, director

She is known for playing the role of Sevda Haco in the international finnish-spanish co-produced TV-Series «Peacemaker», that had its premiere in October 2020.

Since 2017 she is enrolled in the scriptwriting programme of the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). In the course of her studies, Dilan wrote and directed short films and finished her second year with a script for a feature film about a lawyer, whose life seems to be just on track, when she visits her hometown to help her retired father move. Confronted with people from her teenage years, she has to come to terms with the anger about never feeling enough in Germany, as a daughter of a Turkish Guestworker.

2019 she was part of the writers room and one of the main writers for the web-series «I.Am.Meyra» produced by the production company LaboM for FUNK, the Video-On-Demand platform operated by the public broadcaster ARD and ZDF. By order of Geißendörferpictures and under the lead of Headwriter Jana Burbach, Dilan worked on the concept of the adaptation of a successful US-Comedy for the German market and will start working on the scripts in the summer of 2021.


Currently she is preparing the short film «Alev Gibi» about a Hotel worker who learns she is being fired for joining a union, but is not willing to accept that. It is about rage and the desire to be heard. The whole film will be shot in one long-take. Parallel to that Dilan collaborates with the british-german director Nicola Fegg on her feature film debut about an irish rapper who has to leave his life in Dublin behind, to take care of his estranged mother in his hometown Limerick «Stab City».

Dilan GeZaza is a scholar of the prestigious German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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