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Samja Zad


I am Samja, I'm a story teller, I love the power of words and I watch a lot of films.

I've been fully living and intuitively creating since I could use my hands and my mind, through many forms of Art. Letting whatever in need to come out, just come out. Growing up observing a fractured world that didn't make any sense to me, finding truth in everything and causing a shift became my main driving force.

Living with high sensitivity is having a perceptive strength tapping into a subtle layer of awareness and insights. There’s no separation possible between you and me, what you feel, what you are, I can feel it in my body. The five senses are so heightened, they create a 6th one and I use that sense to create stories around me.

The world I put on paper is the one I see in real life, the one I've been through and felt from others. I believe everyone is a story that has the power to teach us something.

Writing for me is not only to express but share hidden wisdom and deep understandings channeled for that purpose. Writing about true stories, the ones that matter. The ones that move and elevate. The ones full of realization, reflection, and remembrance. The ones that inspire the mind, touches the heart and triggers the spirit.

Offering a perspective and challenging any limiting beliefs. Exploring all that it means to be in this human form, this world, and this life. All that is yet unseen and untold.

To play with perceptions, emotions, and narratives. With reality and fiction, which is all the same to me. Not everything real is true but everything true is real. There are no rules in the art of life, not as long as your intentions are pure and that is where I find myself, just
between the lines. As a part of everything and apart from everything, as a witness and as a voice. I got my secrets and my secrets got me and here, it's always about a story.

Today Samja is based between Berlin, Paris and Zurich. She is fluent in French and English.

Basel Dream & Vision AG - Constantin Film Group
Barefoot films GmbH & Aldemisa Entairtainment

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