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Timo Hinkelmann

Writer, director

My path to film was a mixed and exciting journey - it began as a child with my admiration for famous directors and actors, which motivated me to tell stories myself. However, as is so often the case, social expectations and my training as a sole proprietor in my small town quickly stood in the way of a child’s courage to dream big. It was only after I moved to my adopted home of Hanover in 2013, that a small role as an extra on a shoot for Anke Engelke gave me aninsight into life on set, which opened my eyes to my creative destiny. Since then I have been pursuing my insatiable urge to tell stories, self-taught, to create narrative worlds and to test myself both narratively and visually. Thanks to many people in the Hanover film scene, I was able to bring four short films to the screen in small and large teams, and over the years gained experience in filmmaking and managing the crew. It was only in 2018 that I dared to work as a producer, author and director on my first feature film project "MALAK", which, despite the most adverse circumstances and thanks to the perseverance of everyone involved, was finally released on VOD platforms after two years of hard work. For me, film is not a hobby but my vocation. It is all the more important to me, as a career changer in the film world, to give everything to live up to this calling. I am proud of my determination and my passion in my work and I hope to be able to inspire many people with it as I continue on my way. I owe Hanover the impulse to follow my dreams, tons of creative inspiration and many enriching connections to other local filmmakers. Meanwhile, I work part-time as a communication coach in a Hanover company, where I write scripts foremployee training videos and implement them scenically.



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